cancerOral cancer can kill you.

Did you know that as many as 8,000 people die every year because of oral cancer? Since it is considered by medical experts as one of the deadliest types of cancer, it is a must that people understand what it can do to alter their life and what can be done to prevent themselves from suffering from it. What do people really know about mouth cancer? How different is it from the other more common types of cancer that people may be aware of.

Oral cancer can kill you even if you are not a smoker.

There is still a great risk that you can develop oral cancer even if you don’t chew tobacco or even if you are not a smoker. Oral cancer can be caused by the HPV-16 virus which is usually the cause of cervical cancer. The best way to prevent cancer development is to regularly see your dental professionals. Whether you have a toothache or you don’t, if you are scheduled to see your dentist, you should go.

Oral cancer can kill you even if you are young.

Your young age cannot save you from developing oral cancer. You are at risk of developing it too even when you are below 40 years old. Talk to your dentist today and see for yourself what else can be done to prevent it.