There are a lot of benefits when you live in a place as beautiful as North Vancouver! When we look towards the north, we have a breathtaking view of mountains—when we look towards the south, we have a beautiful view of the Burrard Inlet. We have lots of delicious restaurants and cuisines close to home and many amazing parks to enjoy on a warm, sunny day. Most importantly, if you love shopping, we have access to top trendy shopping destinations that are local and affordable! If you’re looking for the top trendy shopping destinations close to home, make sure you visit the following shopping destinations in North Vancouver.


Lonsdale Quay Market

Lonsdale Quay Market has represented many of North Vancouver’s top vendors, artists and crafters since the first settlers arrived in the 1860’s. Enjoy a unique shopping experience by the water-side at the Lonsdale Quay with top trendy shopping destinations, local festivals and community events. With 80 food vendors, unique shops and restaurants to choose from—you’re bound to find something unique and trendy during your shopping experience!


Capilano Mall

With over 90 shops and services, ranging from small unique shopping boutiques to big brand stores like Walmart and Sears—you can be sure to find some fashionable wear at Capilano Mall. This trendy shopping destination has won The Outstanding Building of the Year award through BOMA for its building excellence. Did you also know that Capilano Mall has ongoing local events, deals and contests throughout the year? Check out their website to see what’s currently going on and enjoy your trendy shopping experience!


Lynn Valley Centre

Come to Lynn Valley Centre to enjoy a neighborhood trendy shopping destination close to home. Lynn Valley Centre houses a wide selection of specialty retailers and services with unique and affordable shopping deals and store specials for local shoppers to enjoy.


Park & Tilford Shops and Gardens

Whether you want to shop, get your hair done, catch a movie or enjoy some delicious foods—Park & Tilford Shops and Gardens promises a unique and trendy shopping experience right here in North Vancouver. While you’re shopping at their 35 diverse shops and services, make sure you take a stroll through their 8 beautifully themed gardens. The combination is sure to make your shopping experience exceptionally breathtaking!


Park Royal

Head over to West Vancouver for Metro Vancouver’s second largest shopping centre, Park Royal! Park Royal is one of the top trendy destinations near North Vancouver with a selection of 280 amazing stores and services. Find out what’s new, fashionable and trendy while browsing through Park Royal and celebrate your unique fashion likes and preferences.


The Village at Park Royal

The Village at Park Royal is a unique, award-winning retail area close to Park Royal. Known for having the first Pinkberry frozen yogurt shop in Canada, the first Saloman store in Metro Vancouver and the best Whole Foods Market in North America—The Village at Park Royal has a diverse selection of clothing stores, tasty treats and big brand stores for you to enjoy. There’s always something going on at The Village at Park Royal at the Keeper’s Crossing by the Whole Foods Market, so you can participate in community events while you shop.