If you’re looking to loose some extra pounds after the holidays, here are some helpful tips so that you can achieve healthy weight loss.  When you’re on the go, it’s easy to fall under the spell of diet fads that promise instant results. Not only does the lack of food make you feel tired and cranky, but they can also cause you to loose water and muscle, giving you temporary results. If you want permanent results, a healthy weight loss plan is the only way to go.

Achieving healthy weight loss is all about smart, simple choices that help you loose fat and feel great! The key to healthy weight loss is balancing a healthy diet with an exercise routine that works with your schedule.


Set Realistic Goals

Slow and steady is an essential factor to healthy weight loss. Many people make the mistake of making unrealistic goals for themselves when it comes to weight loss, and then feel disappointed when they fail to achieve them. Don’t aim to loose more than one or two pounds a week through a healthy diet and exercise routine and you’ll be well on your way to achieving healthy weight loss.


Work Towards A Long-Term Change

Loosing weight too fast can have a number of negative affects on your body. Instead, try to form healthy habits that lead to healthy weight loss. Habits will last you a lifetime and can ensure that you maintain your healthy lifestyle to keep the pounds off.


Share Your Goals

Having support when you’re trying to achieve healthy weight loss can make a big difference. Whether it’s having an exercise buddy or a close friend/family member to remind you to maintain a healthy diet, the people around you can give you the encouragement and the support you need to help you along the way.


Have Fun With Your Exercise Routine

It’s important to have fun with your exercise routine so that you get excited to work out. Sign up to do something you’ve always wanted to try like yoga, Pilates, martial arts, or kickboxing. You can also organize a group of friends to go running or join a local soccer team. Whatever you decide to do, keep your exercise routine varied and fun, so that you enjoy doing it and can form a long-term habit of keeping active.


Track Your Progress

The greatest motivation for healthy weight loss is to be able to see your progress and results over time. This allows you to feel accomplished about what you’ve been able to achieve and keeps you motivated to accomplish your long-term goals. Keeping a food journal is a good way to keep track of your diet and exercise routine to help you build healthy habits. Weighing yourself regularly is useful to keep track of your overall progress. If you own a smartphone, there are apps that can help you keep track of your healthy weight loss when you are on the go.


Get Sleep

Sleep keeps your hormones balanced including the ones that help you burn fat so you can achieve healthy weight loss. Getting a good amount of sleep can also help your muscles recover from any exercise you’ve done during the day so you can wake up fresh the next morning.


Sit Less

If you work in an office for long hours, you might find yourself sitting for most of the day. While you are working towards your healthy weight loss, make a habit of getting up from your desk regularly and walking around, taking the stairs when you go to work or parking further away when you go out. These habits will help you walk more and sit less during the day, which will allow you to achieve healthy weight loss.


Drink Lots Of Water

Incorporating eight glasses of water in your diet everyday can curb your hunger and help boost your metabolism, which can lead to healthy weight loss. Water also gives you energy and helps replace any bodily fluid lost during the day.