Sedation is a process which aims to put anxiety-ridden patients into a more relaxed state through the use of certain sedatives, such as nitrous oxide and tranquilizers  But sedation isn’t for everyone, that’s why it is imperative that you should consult an expert’s advice first. Before booking your next dental appointment, ask yourself: which sedation dentistry is right for you?

There are generally three types of sedation dentistry, and we offer each type at North Shore Dental Group: Oral sedation, Nitrous Oxide Sedation and IV Sedation.

Oral sedation is considered to be one of the most common types of sedation dentistry especially in the  United States and Canada. There would be no needles involved, just a simple pill to be taken before your dental appointment. Generally, oral sedation is quite a relaxing experience, as most patients won’t remember the experience or indeed much of the dental procedure at all.

For more extensive procedures, IV sedation is generally recommended but may not be necessary in most cases. Nitrous Oxide sedation, known as laughing gas sedation or Inhaled Minimal Sedation can create a pleasant, drowsy feeling  during the entire procedure.

If you’re not certain about which type of sedation dentistry is right for you, book a consultation with North Shore Dental Group and we can help you decide on the best way to achieve the best experience at the dentist possible.