When it comes to caring for your teeth, your dentists are the unsung heroes. While many people have fears of their dentist, there is no denying that they are there to rescue your teeth. When there is unbearable discomfort on your teeth, it is oral surgery to the rescue, performed at North Shore Dental Group, Vancouver’s best North Vancouver dentist.

There are certain conditions one experiences with their teeth that are best treated through oral surgery. These conditions often include a tooth that’s infected and requires oral surgery to prevent it from dying. Oral surgery can help keep your smile as natural as possible by attempting to preserve your infected tooth instead of extracting it, which in turn would necessitate a bridge, dental implant or denture to prevent your gums from receding and your existing teeth from shifting out of position.

If you have a toothache, it’s best to contact your North Shore dentist as soon as possible to investigate the cause of your toothache and prevent the infection from spreading. if necessary. Infections typically involve the root of the tooth, in which case we advise a root canal be performed to save the tooth. Modern root canals are relatively quick, painless experience that allows your smile to stay natural and helps fight the chance of infection spreading to adjacent teeth.

If you suspect your wisdom teeth require extraction, North Shore Dental Group can help make the experience of extraction one that’s positive and stress-free. Wisdom teeth typically require extraction if they come out crooked or if they cannot erupt at all (impacted wisdom teeth).

Have questions about oral surgery, your teeth or anything else dental related? We’re your North Vancouver dentist, always here to help you. Contact our friendly team today to book an appointment or to have your questions answered.