When you visit your dentist, whether it is for routine check-up or for an immediate dental treatment, the first thing that your dentist is going to do is to numb the infected teeth. They do this to ensure that you avoid feeling the pain. This is to help you and the dentist effectively correct all the dental problems that you might have without making you go through the pain. The dentist usually employs an anaesthesic and other sedatives like lidocaine to ensure that all dental treatments are pain-free.

What does lidocaine do your teeth?

The sedative, lidocaine, is the most common type of sedative used by dental professionals today. Although there are other options when it comes to sedatives, your dentist will decide what can be used for you. They base this on your age, height, weight and other health factors that may come into play. The drug is used to numb the teeth and the area surrounding the teeth to make the dental procedure painless.

Once the sedative has been administered, the medicine will begin sedating the nerves. When it settles in, you will start to feel the numbness until you don’t feel anything at all. Your dentist only wants to make sure that you don’t feel any pain and that the job gets done fast.

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