Nitrous oxide sedation can be administered to children who will undergo a dental procedure. This is to reduce the child’s pain and anxiety during dental treatment and lessen the risk of the child experiencing trauma after the procedure. The child will breathe the gas in through a small nosepiece or oxygen mask during the whole process. For this reason, consent is acquired primarily from the parent. It is important that you seek information first from our dental team before undergoing this treatment so as to be familiar with what happens or what will happen during and after the procedure.

Inform us of any respiratory ailment that your child has. This is a very important factor in avoidance of any untoward complication that may happen during the procedure.

After nitrous oxide sedation, your child can only have a light meal. You can offer them jelly, soup or toast and a drink two hours before the procedure. Expect your child to recover from the effects of nitrous oxide very quickly. For some children, anticipate that they may feel a little sick or nauseated. If this happens, give your child clear liquids such as diluted fruit juice, icy poles, jelly, clear soup etc. You should monitor and supervise your child for the next 8 hours even if they are feeling okay for any issues.

Nitrous Oxide sedation is very common for children who will undergo dental procedures because children tend to move around or cry a lot. If this happens then it is possible that the procedure be interrupted or worse your child may get hurt so undergoing sedation is a must for precautionary measures.

For more information about how nitrous oxide sedation can benefit your child’s dental care, please contact North Shore Dental Group today. We are here to help make your and your child’s experience at the dentist into a wonderfully positive experience.