Finding a dentist who you feel comfortable with can be a tricky and time-consuming process. However, finding a dentist that you trust to look after the dental health of you and your family is worth the search. Here are a few tips on what to look for when searching for a new dentist.


Consider your needs

First, you need to decide what you are looking for in a dentist. For example, parents looking for a family dentist will want to find a child-friendly practice. A convenient location, availability of parking nearby, and opening hours that fit with your schedule are also important factors to consider. Make a list of these criteria to help you in your search.


Search for a dentist

Search the British Columbia Dental Association website to find dentists who are taking on new patients. You can do an advanced search to look for wheelchair-accessible dental practices, child-friendly dentists, or dental practices with extended opening hours. If you are looking for a dentist who can carry out a specific procedure, the advanced search feature can also give you information about which dentists can help you. You can also search for low-cost clinics on this site.


Ask for recommendations

Ask friends, family members and colleagues for recommendations for a good dentist. Find out what they have liked and disliked about the dentists they have used in the local area. Recommendations are a good way of scouting out the best dentists in a particular area.


Book an appointment

Ultimately, the only way to know for sure whether a dentist is right for you is to book an appointment and judge for yourself. Call the office and book a check-up with the dentist. Remember, it is extremely important to have a dentist who makes you feel comfortable and reassured about your dental health, so if you have a bad experience, do not hesitate to change to a different dental practice.