Sensitive teeth can be a constant pain, and it usually starts to dictate what you eat and drink.
Having sensitive teeth means you can’t enjoy an ice cream or a coffee,  unless you want to be met with a strong shooting pain at the end of your nerves.  When the underlying layer of your teeth, the dentin, is expose, sensitive teeth comes about.

So what can you do about it?

Try a special toothpaste and toothbrush.
Sensitive teeth has probably caused you to change your eating habits, so you owe it to yourself to change your brushing habits to see if it can do any good.  There are dozens of specialized toothpastes on the market, targeted at those with sensitive teeth.  Usually, these will desensitize your teeth, and build up the lost enamel to cover any of the holes that are exposing your dentin. When you go out and purchase, grab a couple of different brands so you can try out which one suits you the best. Try to apply a layer of it on your teeth before you go to bed to get the best results.

The change in toothbrush might be necessary if the bristles on your current brush are too hard, more often than not, enamel is scrubbed away by a hard brush.

Watch Your Diet:
Highly acidic foods are a main culprit, they dissolve your enamel and expose your dentin.
Starchy and sugary foods can also work with the plaque in your teeth to create more acid and wear down your enamel. Brush your teeth as soon a possible if you think that what you’re eating could cause trouble.

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