With Seymour Mountain and Grouse Mountain right around the corner from us, it’s hard to resist that itch to enjoy the snow and get back into skiing. But if you haven’t skied for a while, it might be hard to get back into it and remember everything that you’ve learned over the years. Whether it’s been one year or several years since you’ve last skied, it’s never too late to get back into the groove for returning skiers. Here are some helpful tips put together by our North Shore Dental Group staff to help you get back into skiing this year!


1.     Do the easy runs first

When you’re returning to skiing, it’s important to start small. Do the easiest hill first so you can get accustomed to what you remember. The more time you spend on the easier hills, the more time you can give yourself to remember everything you might have forgotten. Once you feel comfortable with the bunny hill, slowly move up to the green hill and so on. Gradually moving forward will help you keep safe and make sure you don’t get overwhelmed with a hill that’s too difficult.


 2.     Try to rediscover your technique

Certain styles work for certain people. Try to remember how you balanced your weight, took your turns and came to a stop. You’re unique technique for remembering how to ski is key to keeping safe and returning back into skiing easily.


3.     Give yourself time

It’s important to give yourself the proper time that you need. Even if you were a great skier in the past, relearning it can take several skiing sessions so don’t expect to re-learn it right away. Give your body the patience that it needs and enjoy the experience!


4.     Take a quick lesson

There’s no harm in taking a quick lesson for returning skiers so you can relearn proper techniques. A lesson can help you remember how to do certain things that you could have forgotten, like how to turn or stop. A lesson can also teach you new advancements and safety procedures for skiing that you may have not been aware of before.


 5.     Don’t use old equipment

There may be new improvements in the skis, poles and safety gear that you use depending on how long it’s been since you’ve skied last. We recommend that you don’t use old equipment if it’s outdated as it’s better to rent your skis and snow poles from the store or buy new gear. New equipment may be more comfortable and safer to use, so if you’re not sure about the equipment that you have ─ don’t take any risks!


6.     Safety first

The most important thing to remember when you’re returning to skiing is to put your safety first at all times. Don’t take any risks until you’re comfortable with your skiing technique. Avoid injury to your body by wearing proper protective gear and stretching before and after you ski. When you’re on the slopes, avoid collisions by remaining aware of your surroundings and avoid large patches of ice.


Have fun and enjoy the slopes!